The “E”

Long before people invented terms like E-banking, E-book, E-health, E-commerce, E-mail, etc, Javanese people were the pioneers of those “E”s.

Here are some of those “E” terms :

1. e-mbuh: disconnected from communication due to the inability to figure out something.

2. e-ndasmu: high amplitude anger, full of energy transfer ed orally to others.

3. e-alah: a status quo created due to the incompatibility between the principles held by somebody and the reality.

4. e-ntut: an invisible, untraceable attack send to an area by biologically naturally created gas. This gas is not eco friendly.

5. e-dan: a systemic error at the CPU (central processing unit) embedded inside the head, which causes in-capabilities to process data logically.

6. e-nak: a conclusion sent out from a sensory system after processing easy, yummy data and or an input.

7. e-link: mechanism of the brain retrieving past data.

8. e-lok: the look of your partner 15 years ago.

9. e-nom: your look 25 years ago.

10. e-ndang: your classmate

11. e-mber : agree to something that your friend said

12. e-mper : a space for you to sell anything for free, especially during Car Free Day

13. e-yke : banci calling himself

14. e-yang : most wanted person on lebaran day

15. e-lu : how to call your friend

16. e-gepe : whatever you say laaaahhh.

17. e-ladalah : surprised expression regarding something funny

18. e-tdagh ah: local language when you feel mad about something or someone but have nothing else to say


Source: Whatsapp Broadcast


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