28 Maret 2009 – 28 Maret 2016

love is


Hi mom,how have you been? do you realize that it has been 7 years since the last time i saw you?it still feels like yesterday to  me mom.

Mom,I missed you so badly,i missed your smile,your laugh,your hug and your cook of course.

Mom, i just want you to know that u will forever live in my heart,i am so proud to become your daughter, although we just been together for only 19 years but it was the perfect and amazing 19 years in my life.

Mom,there was a time when i was being a selfish stubborn kid and there was a time i asked you too much i just wanna say sorry mom,if only i knew that i d be with you for a short time i wouldn’t do that and i would ask you only one thing,is please life much longer with me,please guide me in my most ridiculous times,please be there when i am home,please…..just please stay with me.

missing my mum


People said that human has an amazing abilities to survive in most difficult situation and surely wound will heal  it just a matter of time but to me forever wouldn’t be enough to heal my wound.

Mom, i love you  and i ll always love you may your soul rest in peace………….


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