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Spoil Tea Tree Oil & Spoil Argan Oil


One of my 2016 Resolutions is to get rid all of the blackheads and black-spots which i have loads on my face and to combat the annoying pimples that always comes up unpredictably.

Actually am a bit picky when it come to face treatment but after i read so many good reviews about this product,i think its worth a try and i hope it will give me a shot in shortly as its 100% USDA Organic and Australian Certified Organic tested.

I really love the smell of the tea tree oil,it quite similar to Minyak Kayu Putih but milder than that.i am focusing to get rid all of my pimples right now,i use tea tree oil twice a day in the morning and in the evening before bed,its quite simple to use just drop it into the cotton bud and then applying to the pimples straight away.i cant say much right now because i am just started but i am pretty sure it will give me a best result.

And For The Argan Oil ( usually i use it first then tea tree oil),i use it twice a day in the morning and in the evening as well 3-4 drops each,it doesn’t feel too oily Β as it quickly absorb.and its not only can be used for the face but also can help to fix hair damage, flaking of the skin and also to fortify the treatment of wrinkled and scaly or dry skin.

So lets start it baby,i ll show you the result before and after i use this product on my blog later.


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