5 Stages Every Girl Goes Through

Happy Chinese New Year everyone,welcome to the year of the monkey.May this year we surrounded by Happiness and prosperity.

Well,Apart of Chinese new year Celebration yesterday i just enjoyed it as my extended weekend,last week my life was so upside down,some unexpecting things happened and i had to deal with a stressful week tho.

Last Monday i was not on my mood to do anything so i just became a lazy crazy girl at home,was just listening my playlist while do some internet surfing,read about this and that which is really unimportant things,seriously!

Then i Found a very interesting youtube channel,Elite Daily. they made some of videos of 5 Stages Every Girl Goes Through in 16 events every girl has,this one is my favorite one because i found my self on this phase for over and over and over,and i just realized how ridiculous i was.


In my case,the worst part is always the Hallucination Stage,why?because all i could only imagine the worst thing that could happen without considering another reason,i really have a bad imagination and its really suck,its killing me all the time.

their video was waking me up by the way,i look back to my self and just realized that i was wasting my time by doing those things.


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