The First Indonesia’s Slang Word

Actually this is about a funny story of Indonesia’s slang language.  So here’s  the story,I have a friend from the US.  He’s been learning Bahasa Indonesia for almost 10 months now. We’ve chatted almost every day since we met on the Language Exchange site. We talk about many different subjects in Bahasa Indonesia and English.  I help him with Bahasa Indonesia and he helps me with English.

Since he has test every week , I wanted to give him some entertaining ideas regarding Indonesia’s slang words. I asked him to ask one of his Bahasa Teachers about Bokep (Yup,Crazy right! 😀 )  He was  very confused at the first and asked me several times to define the word. He asked, ‘Is the word offensive?’  Assuredly I told him that ‘It’s not offensive.  Besides that, it’s a word  that will bring you happiness when you introduce it to your teacher.’

After about a week we talked via Whatsapp.  He said he was somewhat embarrassed because of the reaction of his teacher.  His teacher replied,  “Where did you learn that word?” *he exclaimed with high tone of Voice*. My USA friend answered that he knew that word from one of his Indonesian friends (Luckily he didn’t mention my name 😉 )

Pak Joe (His Bahasa Indonesia’s Teacher) told him to be careful when using words that he doesn’t know because some people like to play tricks.  Pak Joe replied “That is not a good word in Bahasa and Bokep is bla bla bla(as he explained what is bokep means)”.

When i heard about the resulting situation from using the word (bokep),  i laughed out loud hysterically . He trusted me and since that incident a week ago I’ve been wondering what other words I can present to him  Anyway, we continue to chat and have become good friends.

PS :

*Bokep (Pornographic film) – Originated from abbreviation BF which means “Blue Film”.BF is read ‘Be-Ef’,which in it’s pidgin form is read as Be-ep. the word Bokep obtained by inserting infix -ok- in between ‘Be-ep’.

*Special Thanks to Mr.T who edited my writing,i really appreciate it 🙂


2 pemikiran pada “The First Indonesia’s Slang Word

    • Iya mba al,sayajuga tapi
      Saya malah lebih ngebayangin muka temen saya itu *ngebayangin mukanya merah karena malu*,tapi mulai dari situ saya jadi pilih-pilih lagi kalo dia nanya tentang kata slang dalam bahasa indonesia.

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